Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Easybook parcel Delivery Service?

    The largest bus delivery service in Malaysia. With the largest bus fleet and network in Malaysia, Easybook parcel provides half-day delivery service on parcels from terminal to terminal with high frequency daily.

  2. How does Easybook parcel Delivery Service work?

    Click here for details.

  3. Will recipient being notify when the parcel reach terminal?

    Yes, recipient will receive the notification via SMS when the parcel arrived at terminal.

  4. Does Easybook parcel Delivery Service provide pick up service?

    The pick-up service is temporary not available. (Coming Soon)

  5. How do I make the payment?

    Sender require to make the payment online or at the counter.

  6. Do I have to pack the parcel myself?

    Yes, all items must be well packed to prevent unwanted damages.

  7. How's the charges fee and how do I determine the weight of my parcel?

    Final charges are based on actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher. Click here for more details.

  8. Does Easybook parcel Delivery Service provide flyers?

    Flyer is temporary not available.

  9. Which items are prohibited for posting?

    Click here for the list of prohibited items.

  10. How many days does it take for my parcel to be delivered?

    Easybook parcel provide 24 hours same day cross-state delivery from terminal to terminal within Peninsular Malaysia.

  11. How do I contact you?

    For any enquiries, please email to